Sunday, 21 December 2008

Just a brief one

Okay, first things first, I am a bad person for neglecting Sega Memories for so long. I won't bother making excuses, but Gaga's posted some fantastic stuff whilst I've been off so it's not like you kids have been without. Anyway, I actually have a couple of updates nearly prepared to post (but not quite there yet), but in the mean time I thought I would follow on briefly from an article posted by Gaga a few days ago.

We all know that to a certain degree, Sonic clothes are ridiculous. And yet, despite that, I continue to think that anything stamped with the classic Sonic design is golden. They're ridiculous, but awesomely so. To that end, I thought those of you who have as many fashion issues as myself might want to check out the following link.

This shirt is awesome. Whilst trying not to be a secret advertisement for, they do seem to be the only people selling it. As overtly nerdy as it is, the shirt rocks mainly because it's a great picture that wraps around the entire t-shirt (nostalgic nerd memory #4359; this stock art of Sonic adorned the cover of the first issue of Sonic the Comic I ever bought. Epic as). Whilst perhaps not as amazing as the Uniqlo shirts (which I am still bitter I never managed to get one of those silhouette [probably sic] ones), it is a rather nice little item. Just be warned if you buy it, the shirt is not that grey colour, it's much more navy. It'd look better if it was that grey colour, but whatever.

So yeah. Go buy yourself a Sega related Christmas present. Just don't spill mulled wine on it, as it probably won't come out.


The GagaMan(n) said...

Your not the only one who hasn't posted here much, I need to get my arse in gear too.

Oh, and I fixed the font issues, blogger has a really crappy way of handling html by creating unnecessary piles of it. I usually just highlight all the text once I'm once then pick arial and small.

Ryan said...

Looks nice, I'd buy it as long as it wasn't that heavy plastic print stuff, like most of my disappointing Ren & Stimpy T-shirts.

Smindas said...

Actually, unfortunately, it is that heavy plastic print stuff. But it looks pretty good, I just guess it means that it won't last as long as other t-shirt designs.

JaQ Stevenson said...

Recieved it in the post today! it is by far my favorite sonic tee shirt in my collection! i recomend it!

Smindas said...

A tragic turn in events means I have quite possibly lost my shirt. I'll check again in halls, but I'm almost certain it's gone walkies.