Monday, 3 November 2008

Is something afoot with the classic Sonic range?

So we're now in November, and the Sonic statue and vinyl figures from first4figures are still not out. has the statue listed for the 7th of December, but judging how they have given us random dates before only for it to be pushed further away, something tells me they have no idea when it will be available. As for the Vinyl toys...they don't even list them anymore. The Vinyls are still on play-asia, where they are still listed as nothing more than "Q4 2008". They list the statue as December. First4figures website says the same, so here's hoping.

On another note, remember how those classic Sonic plush toys that were released had a tag that stated "collect all four!", which included an image of Dr.Robotnik? We eventually got the Knuckles toy, but there has been no sign of the Eggman at all, not even an image of what it looks like? There's no evidence of it's existence even on the Impact Innovations site, so it looks like we'll never get one, let alone all of that other stuff they had planned, like USB drives, race track sets and radio controlled cars. Now would be a perfect time to release them, just in time for Christmas. What could possibly be a better present than a cuddly mad scientist that traps animals in machinery? I've always wanted one of those.

Meanwhile, a action figure of Sonic the Werehog (that new form of his in the upcoming game Sonic Unleashed) has been popping up on Ebay. All I know about it so far is it's a pre-order bonus in Australia, and apparently is "only in Toys R Us" in America. The toy isn't particularly brilliant (see above), but this might just be the start of a new toy chain, so who knows what will come from it? The werehog (shouldn't that be "Hedge-wolf"?) kind of reminds me of My pet Monster, so maybe they should do a Sonic version of that, complete with breaking chains.


Ryan said...

My ideal Sonic toy line runs as thus:
Remember Z-Bots? Those little 1" tall robots, with loads and loads of them to collect? Well, basically that, only with classic Badniks. They'd be the best toys ever. I have a small Roller, which got me excited, but further research told me there was only a few of them available, as part of some packs of Sonic & Knuckles-related stuff.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Yes, that would be very awesome. I wish Sega would bring back the whole badnik variety of the original games, all the modern games seem to have the same 3 or 4 robots over and over again. The old badniks were like the Pokemon of their time, Sonic the Comic even did trading cards of them all at one point. I have quite a few of those Sonic Knuckles mini figures, and all the badniks in that set are from Sonic 1 oddly enough, including Sprats, a badnik that was never used in the games.

Ryan said...

You mean that rabbit thing? STC were always very creative with their badnik designs especially in the first twenty-odd issues. Remember that three-headed yellow bulldog? And those skulls with big arms and helicopter blades on top of their heads? I always thought that they were hidden in some of the Sonic games, and spent ages exploring every last nook and cranny of every level of every game I had, but to no avail. Kudos to the artists.

The GagaMan(n) said...

I'm pretty sure Sprats was designed for Sonic 1, I belive someone even fonud it's sprite hidden within the game's ROM data. The STC desogned badniks were neat, though.