Sunday 5 December 2010

10" Sonic and the Sonic PVC 6-pack!

 As 2010 comes to an end, so too does a great year for Sonic toys! This year we saw toymaker Jazwares make a huge step up in quality and number of new figures. Meanwhile, First 4 Figures covered the collectible side of things with an awesome Super Sonic statue and a great collection of PVC figures. Today I thought I'd highlight two recent acquisitions: Jazware's 10" Sonic and First 4 Figures PVC 6-pack!

The 10" Sonic the Hedgehog figure is relatively new, having hit online stores within the past month. The coolest thing about this figure, aside from the impressive likeness, is that it is of the same line as last year's 10" Metal Sonic.

The figure shares the same dimensions as 10" Metal and resembles the most recent Sonic design, as seen in Unleashed and Colors. Personally, I really love this iteration! Not as lankly as what we saw in Sonic '06, and not as freaky as what we saw in the Sonic Adventure artwork.

As you can see, the figure is very articulated. The box touts over 12 points, with everything from joints to even wrists and ankles receiving joints. The one weak point is the figure's hands. While I really like the thumbs up and fist pairing, others may not like how this limits Sonic to giving a thumbs up, thumbs down and a punch. Still, for under $15 this is a great figure!

Sonic and Metal decide to relive old memories and pose in front of the Sonic CD box art
Classic and modern
My only complains about the figure is that they oddly chose to have the circle on Sonic's chest cut off just below the pivot point of his waist. Also, my figure had a small space between where Sonic's left eye met his muzzle. But those are two minor complains, overall this figure is a must have. Especially if one already owns the 10" Metal.

Next up is First 4 Figures PVC 6-pack! The pack collects series 1 and 2 of the individually released Sonic figurines, featuring the classic Genesis era designs. From my knowledge, this is the only way for Americans to acquire the set, as I don't think the individual figures were sold here in stores. Gagaman already covered Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Metal, so I'll show off Super Sonic and Amy Rose.

I never thought I'd say this, but Amy Rose is my favorite of the set! Why? Because it's the classic Amy as seen in Sonic CD! I always thought it was a shame that classic Amy never carried over to the Dreamcast games, as the tennis shoes and tutu combo are the bomb. I secretly dream of a world where big black sunglasses, tutus and big bulky tennis shoes make a return.

 Super Sonic is pretty cool, though I prefer the levitating screaming Super Saiyan powering up pose to this. It's almost like Sonic is shaking his fist at those kids who won't stay off his lawn. Or maybe he is vowing revenge on Metal Sonic after catching him in the act with Amy Rose. Must have been Stockholm syndrome:
The Sonic PVC 6-pack can be found on First 4 Figures website for the reasonable price of $30. When you figure that each figure sells for $5 each and that the Super Sonic and Metal Sonic are quite hard to find individually, it's a good price. These definitely get the "Buy it!" recommendation from me.

Stay tuned to SEGA Memories, I have a very cool item on the way from Japan that I can't wait to write about!

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Animated AF said...

Well I'm officially sold on that 10" Sonic now thanks to these photos, it looks great, and that photo re-creating the cover of Sonic CD is brilliant!

As for the remaining two of that small classic set, i got those for my birthday from my girlfriend amongst a bunch of other sonic bits and bobs which I'd like to post about here sometime eventually.