Sunday, 31 January 2010

Those 'Sega Gals' Return

Oh the humanity!

Waaaaay back before I read or wrote for this blog, Gagaman wrote about some awesome Sega Gals capsule toys. Since finding and reading that post, I knew I had to get me some Sega gals! So, after a few months of occasionally checking ebay, I found the first series of six for a cool $24. As Gagaman already covered Ulala and Arle, I'll share the other four famous gals.

First up is one of my favorites from the first series of gals, Sarah Bryant of Virtua Fighter fame, specifically Virtua Fighter 4. I'm not an expert on action figures, but the paintjob is very nice. The gloss used for her body suit makes for a great feux leather.

"Better run home to Mama now."

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sega's project Needmouse Badnik Challenge

Ok, so now Sega is really pulling at my heart strings with their project Needlemouse hype. While I'd love for them to just give us a darn screenshot or video already, they made me very happy by revealing a piece of concept art a couple weeks ago of a classic badnik. Shell Cracker from Sonic 2, to be specific:

Now as you may already know, the badniks were always one of my favorite elements of the classic Sonic games: they were like the Pokemon of my childhood I suppose. Every zone had about 3 or 4 unique designs that did unqiue things and more often than not looked totally bad-ass or just plain silly, bit very well designed either way.

Sega's blog has decided to set up a challenge to get people to send them at least 100 pieces of badnik fanart, asking for one badnik you'd like to see from any of the original games (Game Gear titles, Sonic CD and Chaotix included). They want these posted in the comments section of the blog entry by Monday morning. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sonic Spinball @ Alton Towers in February

I'm sure many of you have probably already heard about this by now, but it couldn't be more appropriate to mention here, what with all our nostalgia fueled posts about London's old SegaWorld park and the reveal of Sega Republic in Dubai. While it's hardly the same as having a new Sega park here in the UK again, it's about as close as we're gonna get at this point: a Sonic Ride at Alton Towers!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

JSRF Gets Larger Than Life

The world of Jet Set Radio merchandise is a small one. Even the most avid collector could only fill a single shelf with what Sega has to offer. Thankfully a company thought outside the shelf by applying the JSRF license to large-format repositionable wall graphics!

LTL Prints, the company responsible, was founded in late 2008 by by entrepreneurs Kendall Schoenrock and Carsten Petzold. Taken from their own "about" page: "We set out to create a platform for creative expression that would bring larger-than-life repositionable wall graphics to empty walls everywhere," according to LTLprints founder Kendall Schoenrock. "And we are working with the worlds' premier artists, designers, and brands to literally CREATE a new medium."

VP of Marketing John Doffing was nice enough to get me in touch with Kendall and Carsten, and I was surprised to find out that both LTL Prints and myself are located within in the same city (Philadelphia)! What more, I was a short ten minute subway ride from their HQ! So taking an extended lunch break, I headed on over to LTL Prints. Once there, I was greeted by Kendall and Carsten and was able to have a look about. The printer they use is enormous, think "the grand piano of printers", while the walls of their office was covered in a variety of images available on their online catalog.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sonic race track revisions, or just better paint jobs?

Just over a year ago I posted probably way too much text and too many photos of the 'Super Sonic Racing System' set and it's broken Sonic and tails slot cars. Well Debenhams were having a 75% off sale and still had some sets left over so I picked one up for a measly £4.50 to replace my broken set. Seems the pain jobs on the cars of this set are much better than my previous set. Either it's a luck of the draw how good the set you get is or they sacked however gave Sonic bags under his eyes and the colours all sloppy and not quite matching the artwork.

Have a look for yourself (new one on left, old on right):

There are some other subtle differences too, like the pole holding the two back wheels are longer and the characters seem to be more up right (espcially the Tails of which the old is practically facing the floor) but that's just me going into autistic levels of comparison. I haven't tried the set to see how many minutes it will actually work, but to be honest I probably won't bother. Now if the track had a loop and rings likethe original concept art that;d be a different story...

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bayonetta Developers = Nostalgic Sega Nutters

Unless you're a Sega fan who has been sitting in a locked room with your fingers in your ears yelling "La-La-La-La!"(something many of us considered doing when it was announced that the Dreamcast was being discontinued) you'll know that Bayonetta releases today in the US and this Friday in Europe.

Minor spoilers below

Developed by Platinum Games and directed by Hideki Kamiya (of Devil May Cry fame), Bayonetta may seem like a third party game with Sega merely acting as publisher. But after thirty minutes of playing the game, one will notice a slew of Sega references. The name "Eggman" comes up and Bayonetta collects halos which look very similar to a certain Hedgehog's source of energy. Sega music also plays a major part of the game. Borrowing from Sega's rich collection of classic arcade tunes, Platinum has created some seriously sexy remixes from Fantasy Zone, Space Harrier, After Burner, Hang-On and OutRun. To accompany these remixes are impressive 3D levels inspired by these classics.