Friday 29 March 2013

Presenting @SEGAJunkyard - All the SEGA Memories & SEGA Junkyard articles in one Twitter feed!

The SEGA Junkyard blogs have had a long history on the interwebs. In 2005, Tomleecee created The Dreamcast Junkyard, a shrine to SEGA's final consumer console. The blog was such a hit, that in 2006 Dreamcast Junkyard writer Father Krishna spun-off his own SEGA console blog entitled The Saturn Junkyard. 2007 brought about two more blogs: The SEGA Master System Junkyard from Saturn Junkyard writer gnome, and The SEGA CD Junkyard from Dreamcast Junkyard writer Caleb. Also created in 2007 was this very blog, SEGA Memories, by Dreamcast and Saturn Junkyard writer The Gagaman. Finally, 2008 saw the creation of The Nomad Junkyard, my own blog devoted to mobile and handheld SEGA games from the past and present.

In 2010, SEGAbits was launched following the demise of SEGA Nerds. I was brought onboard as a writer (now an admin) and I went about creating the SEGA Network. The SEGA Network, seen on the sidebar of this very site, was an attempt to tie together the many SEGA Junkyard blogs, as well as SEGA Memories and various other SEGA news sites. Basically, if you have a good site, keep it updated, and are able to add the shared links bar to your main page's sidebar, you're in. GET TO THE POINT! To push this concept of rounding up the various Junkyard blogs and SEGA Memories further, I've created a handy shared Twitter feed entitled SEGA Junkyard. SEGA Junkyard collects the feeds for the many Junkyard blogs and SEGA Memories and automatically notifies followers when a new article is posted. Sure on the technical side of things this isn't anything new, but for us its a cool way to get our articles out there! We also plan to occasionally post classic articles as well as classic SEGA Memories and Dreamcast Junkyard YouTube videos.

TL;DR - If you like SEGA Memories and the SEGA Junkyard blogs, follow @SEGAJunkyard on twitter!

Monday 11 March 2013

Sonic appearance at old Toyland ride at Alton Towers!

The Sonic Spinball ride currently residing at Alton Towers here in England is not the first time Sonic has appeared in a ride at the theme park! As brought to my attention by Tracker on Tumblr, there was a ride called Toyland Tours which had a Sonic dedicated section! He posted this photo above and shared his fuzzy memories of the discovery from ten years ago:
Sonic was at Alton Towers BEFORE Sonic Spinball! The Willy Wonka ride used to be called ‘Toyland Tours,’ and in one part this charismatic animatronic of Classic Sonic showed up! Thankfully my mum caught it on camera-this photo is around 10 years old! *and it still sits beneath my desk, next to my Game Gear and MDII and with my Sonic comics*
Also the game in the background is Sonic CD, the Special Stages particularly. I thought it was SA2 when I first saw it, but that was effectively the only Sonic game I’d played! No idea what happened to the animatronic after the ride was converted, sadly.
We found more of this ride cameo, including more photos, a video and even music after the jump!

Tuesday 19 February 2013

New Sonic toys revealed at New York Toy Fair 2013

The super Sonic fans over at The Sonic Stadium have come across a bevy of photos from the Jazwares booth at the 2013 New York Toy Fair. Jazwares, who has the license for Sonic toys, has a few new items planned for release this year. While nowhere near as big as the 20th anniversary line of toys, some of the new toys are pretty cool. Spotted in the photos are Sonic branded disc shooters, Sonic and Shadow masks, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed figures of Shadow and Sonic with their vehicles in jet form, mini-figures of various All-Stars Racing Transformed vehicles, a life-size ring that lights up when held, and plushes of Metal Sonic, Silver and Super Sonic. To see more images, check out the article over at The Sonic Stadium!

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Sega Fan Art Showcase 2012

There was some stunning fan art submitted to the Sega Memories DeviantArt group throughout 2012, so many it's hard to just pick a handful, but are just some of the highlights from the past year of the amazing talent who love these Sega games, covering a whole range of different franchises including some real surprises. Enjoy!

Tuesday 25 December 2012

First4figures latest statue announcement is...well..

How this for a Christmas present? First4Figures have today put out a preview of an upcoming statue. However, it is NOT a Sonic character. I have put the image after the jump because, well... it's a biggun.

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Sonic UK Christmas Cracker toys

I've been sitting on this article idea since I had it back in the summer, because obviously it makes sense to write about Christmas related Sega merch near the actual time, right? We're not like a TV channel that repeats xmas specials at random times of the year! Either way, while these toys are not particularly Christmassy, they were sold in Christmas crackers here in the UK back in the heydays of early 90s Sonic mania. Take note the palm tree thing in the above photo was just some souvenir from a holiday we had lying about and not part of the set, in case you were wondering. Check out more photos after the break!

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Sega Arcade Classics book is here!


My copy of Hardcore Gaming Presents: Sega Arcade Classics Volume 1 arrived yesterday morning! The front cover looks even more beautiful in print, and the book itself is larger than I was expecting, larger than a majority of these Japanese Sega books I have anyway. More photos after the jump!

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Buy Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed at Gamestop, get a new car!

Those who follow SEGA news over at SEGAbits (plug plug) may have read about the marketing tie-in Hot Wheels and Danica Patrick had with SEGA. The team up has been a long and winding road, filled with complaining fans, happy fans, stupid moments and cool moments. Danica Patrick may have been an odd addition to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed's roster, but I think most SEGA fans can agree that the car she raced at Texas Motor Speedway in November looked awesome. Okay, so that explains why Danica was in the game. Her SEGA connection was racing with SEGA as a sponsor in real life. But why in the world was she driving a Hot Wheels branded car in the game? Well, back in October 2012, SEGA revealed a Hot Wheels Danicar (a toy car designed by Danica Patrick back in 2011) with SEGA branding. The car was to be given out at select retailers to those who bought the game. Awesome! Free merch, and a reason for a Hot Wheels car being in the game. 

Thursday 6 December 2012

Max Overload! UK Sega Comics beyond S.T.C!

What a cool thing to stumble upon. Toejam & Earl along with it's sequel Panic on Funkotron were re-released on the Playstation network and Xbox Live Arcade, and you should grab them, because they are excellent ports much like the other recent Sega Vintage Collection games, with awesome remix music on the menus, online co-op and challenges with leaderboards.

Anyway, these re-releases made me go do a search on Ebay for any Toejam and earl stuff I can find. I already have a rather awesome large badge of them, and own the two original Mega Drive games of course, but I also saw this magazine called Max Overload.

Apparently this Dark Horse joint only lasted for two issues in 1994, and so far no one has obtained a copy of the second issue. Thankfully, excellent comic book blog TwoHeaded Thingies has the first issue and has scanned the juiciest parts of the magazine...comic strips!

This was a a video game magazine with bonus comics, so like Sonic the Comic but with more magazine-y stuff like reviews. It was not strictly a Sega magazine, but two out of the four comics featured were based on Sega franchises, and the other two were also based on games well known on the Sega systems. Check out what those were after the jump!

Friday 16 November 2012

Hardcore Gaming 101 presents Sega Arcade Classics Book!

The English release of the History of Sonic book is due sometime in December, but at the same time we now have another Sega book to look forward to! Hardcore Gaming 101 has revealed Sega Arcade Classics Volume 1, which will contain articles about the best Sega franchises that started in the 80s, including Space Harrier, Alex Kidd, Shinobi, After Burner, Outrun, Wonder Boy and many more. As far as I can tell the book will also go into these games console ports and spin offs.

Of particular note is the beautiful cover art by none over than Jonathan "Persona" Kim, who is most well known for working on the Scott Pilgrim game and Skullgirls, and has done plenty of Sega fan art over the years. Loving the inclusion of Dynamite Dux, the Quartlet gang and even Teddy Boy there!

The book will be available to pre-order on Amazon (no link yet) sometime in December, with a $10 black and white version and a $25 full colour version, as well as a Kindle release for just $5. Hopefully the "volume 1" is an indication they have a 2nd volume in the works if this one sells well, so get on it!

Oh yeah and while you're at it go get Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, which just released here today.  Do it now.

UPDATE: It's out! You can get it from the following:

US Amazon: Color - $25.00
US Amazon: Black & White - $9.99
UK Amazon: Color - £15.99
UK Amazon: Black & White - £6.99
DE Amazon: Color - €21.39
DE Amazon: Black & White - €8.55
PDF Download at Sellfy - $4.99

Grabbed my copy, will show photos and review it when it arrives!