Friday, 29 March 2013

Presenting @SEGAJunkyard - All the SEGA Memories & SEGA Junkyard articles in one Twitter feed!

The SEGA Junkyard blogs have had a long history on the interwebs. In 2005, Tomleecee created The Dreamcast Junkyard, a shrine to SEGA's final consumer console. The blog was such a hit, that in 2006 Dreamcast Junkyard writer Father Krishna spun-off his own SEGA console blog entitled The Saturn Junkyard. 2007 brought about two more blogs: The SEGA Master System Junkyard from Saturn Junkyard writer gnome, and The SEGA CD Junkyard from Dreamcast Junkyard writer Caleb. Also created in 2007 was this very blog, SEGA Memories, by Dreamcast and Saturn Junkyard writer The Gagaman. Finally, 2008 saw the creation of The Nomad Junkyard, my own blog devoted to mobile and handheld SEGA games from the past and present.

In 2010, SEGAbits was launched following the demise of SEGA Nerds. I was brought onboard as a writer (now an admin) and I went about creating the SEGA Network. The SEGA Network, seen on the sidebar of this very site, was an attempt to tie together the many SEGA Junkyard blogs, as well as SEGA Memories and various other SEGA news sites. Basically, if you have a good site, keep it updated, and are able to add the shared links bar to your main page's sidebar, you're in. GET TO THE POINT! To push this concept of rounding up the various Junkyard blogs and SEGA Memories further, I've created a handy shared Twitter feed entitled SEGA Junkyard. SEGA Junkyard collects the feeds for the many Junkyard blogs and SEGA Memories and automatically notifies followers when a new article is posted. Sure on the technical side of things this isn't anything new, but for us its a cool way to get our articles out there! We also plan to occasionally post classic articles as well as classic SEGA Memories and Dreamcast Junkyard YouTube videos.

TL;DR - If you like SEGA Memories and the SEGA Junkyard blogs, follow @SEGAJunkyard on twitter!

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