Monday, 9 August 2010

SOS '10: The Swag

Instead of making a couple huge articles like last year, I'm going to be posting a bunch of shorter articles about last Saturday's brilliant Summer of Sonic convention. Safe to say they really outdid themselves this year. To kick off, here's what I brought back from there. A bit silly that I'm starting my coverage with the last photo I took but never mind!


So a bulk of it is from the goodie bag that was given away to the first few hundred entrants with tickets (people without tickets couldn't even get in until an hour or two after it opened! Sucks to be them I guess :E). My girlfriend also got a ticket just before the registration ended because she wanted to tag along even though she's not that big into Sonic (she enjoyed it though, so that's a relief lol) and when we entered from the HUGE queue we got the last bag! However they did have hundreds more of the highlight of the bag; the Metal Sonic figure, to give away to people that entered (tickets or not I believe) right through till about 4pm. More after the jump..

The goodie bag also had a Sega All-Stars door tag, an Archie 'Free Comic Book day' comic (there was two different ones randomly given out, the one i got has the story from the very first issue of the long running comic in it, which is neat), a strap thing with the SOS logo on it, and some leaflets. The other free stuff I got that day was a bunch of Sonic X trading cards that one of the stores were giving away and we both also won a Sonic PC game each (not pictured) for bumping into SEGASHIRO's DarrenIndeed and shouting a quote for him that only listeners of their first podcast would know to say to him! He even uploaded them to YouTube! You can check out the article here.

(Check out that majestic mustached guy behind me! Was he casting damnation on my soul for doing that silly impersonation?)

So over than the stuff that i got for nothing what did I buy? Well there was a lot to buy but i didn't actually grab all that much this year, though I'm still pleased with what a brought back. Nigel Dobbyn was selling 3 large prints of some new artwork he has done of Knuckles and some of the other S.T.C characters. I brought two of them: one of Knuckles and Dr.Zackay having a scrap and another that Dobbyn coloured up bout Nigel Kitching illustrated of the cast of Decap Attack! I couldn't NOT come home with that! He was also selling the remainder of his beautiful original pages from the comics (I can imagine they sold out completely this time), but I will get back to talking about Nigel in another article!

Other things for sale across the convention included original pages from recent issues of the Archie comics, a whole bunch of Sonic the Comics which were selling like hot cakes at £2-3 a pop, more Archie comics both old and new, and even some Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cels (though to be fair they weren't as impressive as the ones Barry owns). There was also Crush 40 merchandise like shirts and CDs.

Stay tuned as i have a LOT more to write about! If you want to check out all my photos in advance though they are already up at this Flickr set.


Barry the Nomad said...

Nice Gagaman! Can't wait for the next entry. I knew you'd find something Decap Attack related. :)

Squall20XXuk said...

I got a few extras on top of that! I got last years Art book. My girlfriend and i both found gold rings, she got a monky ball t-shirt which was really cool and i got a sonic and the black knight inflatible sword, not fair :p I also caught one of the crush 40 german badges and one on Jun's guitar pics!
I also got my japanese Sonic Adventure 1 signed and Jun actually talked to me about it which made my day!

Hairyman said...

Haha, I totally didn't realise you guys got a picture with me (I was SEGA's official Sonic for the day). You can hardly see anything out of that suit.