Thursday 9 June 2011

GamesMaster Sonic 20th Anniversary Magazine Special

Well didn't this pop up out of the blue! To celebrate Sonic's 20th Anniversary (I suspect you'll be hearing that a lot in the next few months but especially this month), GamesMaster has just released a special 130 page magazine dedicated to nothing but Sonic! I only heard about it today via twitter and pretty much ran over to WHSmith to see if they had and sure enough they had a whole pile of copies. It's £8 but trust me it's worth it. Hit the jump to see more..

For starters, the mag comes with a bunch of nice freebies: a set of four badges, a sheet of stickers and a huge double sided poster. The stickers are all sprites from the first game, some even from the 8-bit version. The poster is one side Sonic generations, and on the other a collage of almost every rendition of Sonic from every game in his history!

As for the magazine itself, there are tons of articles, including my personal favorite that features loads of the early Sonic concept art. yes even the "Madonna" and sonic the rabbit art! I don't want to spoil too much but it really is a wonderful tribute to the series, I've been flicking through it all afternoon! This very much makes up for the lack of the chess collection mag, ta very much!


As I said the mag is £8 and out right now so if you're in the UK grab this while you can. Once again the Sonic fandom gods are glowing down on us Brits for some reason, haha. For you non UKers though, this website will let you order the magazine from anywhere in the world (for the most part) if you're willing to pay a little extra. Wouldn't be shocked if this sold out due to imports in fact! :P


raveakidd said...

At times like this I love being a Londoner. A back catalouge of amazing mechendise, Sonic the fucking comic and now this the bible of sonic. ;)

Barry the Nomad said...

Just ordered it from the link!

I hope the one I ordered includes the free gift stuff. I'd think it would... hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Me too :-)

Anonymous said...

Sad thing, they wont let me order, saying I'm inputting the wrong payment details. I order stuff online all the time and this is the first time I've ever had problems, I'm sad now :(.

FlackoWeasel said...

Yes it does include the loot. I got my mag today and all the loot is in.

here's proof.