Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tiger's R-Zone, and the terrible Sega ports it brought.

Now we all remember how bad the Virtual Boy by Nintendo was right? It couldn't really be played in any practical manner, didn't have a lot of games and worse of all: made your eyes bleed after a couple minutes due to the horrific bright red on black graphics. Tiger Electronics, well known for their dodgy LCD handheld games (many of which were based on Sega games) during the same year of 1995 also had a crack at making horrid bright red games for a system they christened the R-Zone (and the later model the XPG). Horror continues after the jump.

This was the first time Tiger had made a system that takes multiple games rather than separate game handhelds, but we are still dealing with the same rubbish LCD tech with beeping music only now with the odd higher quality sound effect and now even harder to stare at. Now lets take a gander at a commercial for it:

False advertising at it's finest. They use clips from the Sega Saturn versions of Virtua Cop, Virtua Fighter 2 and Daytona USA. There was even releases based on Panzer Dragoon and NiGHTS on this thing apparently, though judging by the game list thats as far as the Sega "ports" go, the rest of the library consisting of Midway franchises and movie licenses. So let's see how these games actually look and sound on the thing shall we? Prepare your senses, they're about to be violated.

Daytona USA:

Virtua Fighter (2:40 into this review by the ever hilarious Ashens):

So there you have it. Sega games weren't free from being soaked in blood and shoved into your retina via fake "virtual reality" for a brief moment. You know, as if there wasn't already enough violations of Sega's games by Tiger such as the infamous game.com system that came out soon after this. The funniest part of this whole story? The R-Zone was around for longer than the Virtual Boy by about a year or so. Whoopie.

Now here's a slightly related bonus video also from Ashens (from years ago, so you've probably already seen it if you've ever been to his channel) of a "deluxe" outrun LCD game complete with a gear stick, steering wheel and a huge lump of vaguely Ferrari shaped plastic on the front. As you can probably guess it's rubbish too, and it's rendition of magical Sound Shower is nothing short of baffling...

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Barry the Nomad said...

LOL! Man oh man, Gagaman... I forgot how bad these games were! I'm totally linking to this from my blog.